Western Snake Embossed Leather Belt


These are regionally influenced belts but they are by no means exclusively regional!  These are great belts that can accent your wardrobe to give you a versatile look for different occasions.

First, these belts have a leather base, the most popular we’ve seen are natural brown or black.  So if you take a normal belt (it almost doesn’t matter what cut), there can be engraved or “embossed” snake designs on the the front face.  Just to be clear, these are not snake skin belts.

Second, because of this design style, most normal rules of belts apply.  This makes accessorizing easy!  With the designs in the subtle end, you have your picks of shoes and purses.  With a more aggressive look, you’re not necessarily limited in what else you can wear, you just have to be a little bit more judicious in your choices.

What it says about you…

Since these belts come in many styles and designs, they can say many things about you.  There is a style that is elegant.  The belt is usually smaller, and with a subtle snake design engraved or “embossed”.  Wearing this kind of belt says that you have a certain level of sophistication mixed with a certain degree of edge.  You can be sassy, a bit temperamental but never a dull moment when hanging with you.

The south western version of this belt let’s the world know that you’re casual, friendly, and easy to approach.  Reserved you may be, but shy you are not.  One minute, you’re listening to your friends chat away in your favorite bar, but as soon as your jam plays on the speakers, you’re the first one on the dance floor.  You may be the last to leave the dance floor, also!

The other styles lie somewhere in between.

When and where to wear it

These great belts can range from semi-formal to super casual.  For night time ideas, casual places are a great place to start.  This includes bars, most restaurants, clubs, gallery events and so forth.

For semi-formal ideas, look for posh restaurants that are a little bit liberal in terms of what you can wear.  Though for this, you might need a belt from more of posh store (Nordstrom) to boot (no pun intended).

When not to wear it

While suitable for a lot of semi-formal affairs, the obvious places where it’s not appropriate are formal affairs.  This includes the obvious places such as weddings and funerals, but less obvious as well, such as certain soirees packed with really conservatively dressed people.  This could be charitable auctions or a political dinners.  However, you could get away with it depending upon the belt, so… judgement call!

What does it go with?

For the more posh snake embossed belts, you have a ton of options.  Khaki anything?  Yeah, sure…  Jeans?  Oh, hell yes!  The coolest jeans, the most  comfortable jeans and anything in between would work.  With these belts, you can match it with leather shoes or boots with a little attitude.