Skinny Belt With Rectangular Rhinestone Buckle


Rhinestone is different than metallic studs in that they can really brighten your outfits.  Rhinestones on the belt buckle itself can make make casual attires seem more decorated and semi-formal ensembles more friendly.  The skinny belt then brings subtlety.

What it says about you…

One thing comes to mind when you wear this belt… fabulous!!!  It has a few personality meanings, and when worn casually, with the correct outfit, can mean warmth and a certain degree of friendliness.  You are pleasant in conversation, always courteous.  Charm is your friend, which helps you make more friends where ever you may be.

You have an active social life, but the place has to be right.  Dive bars won’t necessarily suit you, especially when wearing this belt, but that new wine lounge in the happening side of town might do.

When and where to wear it

The skinny portion of the belt along with side a tasteful rhinestone belt buckle is appropriate for most professional work places.  You can choose gold tone as a substitute for leather.  You don’t necessarily have to go with an expensive belt, just one that matches the work place.

For casual work environments, skinny leather belts or elastic ones with a girly belt buckle will work with t-shirts, skirts, jeans and so forth.  This will work with creative environments as well.

For places outside of work, these belts will be appropriate for most instances.  Window shopping or evening dinner will be fine.  For dancing into the wee hours, these belts should match your accessories to give you a “planned” but approachable look.

When not to wear it

You aren’t going for edgy when you wear this belt.  So no grunge night outs, as these belts won’t give you the mystique look you might want to achieve.  There is an exception for the thick version of this belt where the rhinestone studs on the belt itself can look similar to metallic ones.

In terms of that rugged look, the skinny variant won’t work (but the thick version might).  Still, however, then you would be going for a more regional look, so check out other belts such as circle studded rugged one instead.

What does it go with?

These belts offer some degree of versatility.  The casual version of this belt will allow you to pull off a jeans and t-shirt look.  Watch out for wearing this belt with cute short jeans shorts and make sure that you go with the really casual version.

With khaki’s, look for the black, possibly non-leather kind with matching shoes, especially for khaki skirts.  This can look great if the buckle is floral patterned with a clean top look, thus, giving a friendly and “preppy” vibe.

Remember that we are dealing primarily with the buckle, so the choice in the belt band is important.

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