One Row Punk Rock Star Black Studded Pyramid Leather Belt

The simple look you’re looking for

The one row punk rock star black leather belt with the pyramid studs is a good belt to have for your wardrobe.

What it says about you…

A solid punk rock attire, if anything else, should say one thing… and that is defiance.  If everyone is wearing it, you’re not interested.  See those alpha girls flirting with those boys across the street?  No of course not because you wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out where ever it is those girl hang.

You will shop in different parts of town.  Malls typically aren’t your thing unless you work there.  Your wardrobe consists of items you get at punk stores or used clothing shops that you will take to your scissors as soon as you get home.  Where as hipsters like to be weak different, you like to be loud, so you will have very little time for irony.

Also, you’re not a vampire, so while black does dominate a good portion of your attire, you have colorful articles that contrast or even clash (no pun intended) as a whole.

With regards to music, you have little patience for crap playing on radio stations that start with “B”.  However, “anarchy hour” playing UK classics from the local college station at 2am may be just fine, as you get ready to go out.

All in all, if it doesn’t get awkward stares (like your purple hair, assuming you haven’t shaved your head), you’re not wearing it.

When and where to wear it

First, let’s start with safety.  Studded belts should be safe in the lucky event you get shoved in a mosh pit.  After all, you’re a non-conformist, not a complete jerk.

Second, your pretty safe with whatever color, as black is a staple.  That should match whatever band shirt you’re wearing or your matching black leather metal studded jacket.

The pyramid studs are a nice touch and one row of studding gets the point across just fine.  With this kind of belt, you’ll want leather but cloth can be OK.  All in all, the design and material choice should go well with most footwear, including combat boots.

All in all, this is a good belt for black skinnies or leather skirts, whatever the color.  The wider variety should go well also, as you want to mix it up a bit… band shirt here, transparent meshed top there.

When not to wear it

Um…  it’s not your problem everyone stares at you in funerals.

What does it go with?

What doesn’t it go with?