Ladies Snake Print Dressy Thin Belt


The belt we are looking at is a thin and dressy snake print belt.  There are many types of snake patterned belts, but the ones of interest are going to be used for semi-formal occasions.  There are a few criteria for the belt…

  1. First, the belt buckle should also be thin and plain
  2. The snake pattern (obviously faux) should compliment the belt, not define it
  3. The band, should be leather but can be quality man made material

What it says about you…

The look you want to go for when wearing these belts is clever, as clever as the snake itself.  This means a high degree of continuity in how you match.  Snakes are patient, often waiting several days to eat.  They sit still, blending into their environment, calculating the precise time to feast on their prey.

Like this divine creature, your outfits looks incredibly natural, like you just woke up, threw some things together and BAM!  You look incredible.  However, we both know that you know exactly what you’re doing, to an uncanny level of precision and perhaps patience.

You are not necessarily pushing the edges, but you do blend in quite well in casual and posh places.  You are not necessarily aggressive, so you’re not often found in crowded loud places.  Though there are exceptions…

Where you work and where you go after work may seem like two different places, but the constant is the mystery you provide in the both the social and professional theater.  This is true of the company in which you keep, so you’re going to be the one who is always one step ahead.

When and where to wear it

As the title in this post implies, these belts are going to be more on the semi-formal side.  Out of place in the local neighborhood dive bars, these belts might be more suited to an upscale European pub in the trendy side of town.  For places that require reservations, these belts should do well with matching accoutrements.

For artsy occasions, we’re going for galleries over street festivals, top shelf or wine over Bud.  For late into the night, this will go with that hot new club in the warehouse district where predators like you like to congregate.

For work, most professional setting should work.  It may be too ambitious for creative settings (unlike its thicker counterpart) and offers very little applications in irony.

When not to wear it

Avoid too places that are too casual, there are other prints and designs more suited.  There are snake printed belts that are thicker and more “regional”, this isn’t it, so avoid those places as well.

For daytime shopping, the right urban boutique shopping places will do.

What does it go with?

The shoes must match the pattern, in part or in whole.  Less obvious prints that blend into the belt can match footwear without the print itself.  Remember… go for clever, subtle sophistication over pretentiousness, and most of all, natural.  But don’t over do it.

With jeans, go with black trendy skinnies, just make sure the band is on the darker side.  Semi dressy dresses will work with the thin band.  Don’t go for cute with this type, as cute is often the meal.