Ladies Skinny Belt With Pyramid Decos

Young, edgy and hip is what you’re going for here…

These pyramid studded belts can complete your attire if in the right place.  They come in many forms and styles.  For materials, you have your choice of leather or cloth.  Leather will give you a harder look, while cloth can be more casual.

What it says about you…

A casual accessory, pyramid decorated belts are for ladies who just want to dance the night away!  This belt says you’re fun and up for most anything.  You’re trendy, chill with your friends, and you’re choice in jokes is light with a hint of sarcasm.

When you’re out with your gal pals, you prefer the hippest dance spots and bars with a lot goin’ on.  Window shopping is for rookies, not for seasoned but laid back fashionistas like you.  So when you’re looking for your next pair of crazy jeans, you’re not necessarily going with posh, you want to make a statement.

Lastly, you’re going to have a serious streak, but that doesn’t mean you take yourself seriously!  You clearly draw the line between serious and fun, but at the end of your busy day, you have a positive attitude.

When and where to wear it

The pyramid decor is for sure, way more casual than formal.  Let’s start on where you wear these belts.  The obvious…  anything that screams fun is a great place to start.  Nightclubs, hipster bars and chill evening places.  During afternoons and early evenings, consider boutique stores, art fairs (if the belt style matches), and street festivals.  In the morning, you’re most likely looking for.. wait what???  You’re awake before noon?

On one side of the appropriate spectrum, a large belt with pyramids will make you look edgy.  So loud music venues and so forth is cool.  On the other side, you’re going for trend, so hip places will work.

When not to wear it

OK, let’s avoid these places, shall we?  Let’s start with not wearing these belts in funerals… it’s not going to work out.  And speaking of working out, it’s not cool for when you’re on your way to the gym or in most any gym.  Essentially, you’re not going to wear these belts in formal settings, serious places or sporting events (such as baseball games, for example).

For work, you’re going to have to check out what others are wearing.  For really professional places, such as accounting or law firms, you should avoid these belts at all costs.  For creative work environments, these belts may be appropriate, as the norm is going to be jeans and band t-shirts.  For places in between, it may be OK, if the pyramid studs aren’t overly ostentatious or numerous.

These belts will typically make you younger, so watch it.  If you’re in a social function (work sponsored or otherwise), it can make you look sophomoric.  In casual but posh settings, it may make you look out of place.  Rock bars with pool tables is a yes, pretentious wine bars is a no.

What does it go with?

Easy items first, jeans and retro rock t-shirts with bitch boots (matching studs).  Leather variants of this belt with matching leather foot attire will complete this look.

For the light cloth variant of this belt, make sure the pyramid is few and subtle, and you can get away with a more edgy “preppy” look with matching casual shoes.  This is something in between rock bar and wine bar in our earlier example.

Trends change, so look out for the latest look.  Sometimes, plenty of studs will reflect the times, and next month, it may make you look like you have a fetish for this look.

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