Ladies Rhinestone Studs Leather Belt


Rhinestone is a nice and affordable stud that looks great with belts.  Unlike some of the belts in this site, we will look at thick belts that add that extra sparkle to your already fabulous outfits.

What it says about you…

These belts have so much variety that they can range from fun to slightly edgy to western.  For instance, a white, inch and a half version of this belt is for nothing less than good times.  You are a social butterfly.  In a crowded room, you can go from one group of friends to the next.  Each group easily loving your charms and positive vibe.

Do you want to go for a regional look?  There’s a fun rhinestone belt to be had.  Whether you’re wearing boots with spurs or not, these fun belts will bring out your south western charming smile, even if you’re no where near Texas!  Seriously though, it’s the sparkling glow of the rhinestones.

When and where to wear it

Fun places for a fun belt, right?  These belts go well with casual places.  Day or night, shopping, chilling in the local bar, dinner with girls, it shouldn’t matter, it’s going to be fun if when you’re there.  Plan to dance the night away?  No problem, these belts will go with whatever your club scene is.

As they say, some people live to work, others work to live.  Which one are you?  If you said neither, this is your belt because it’s about having fun.  While these belts are too loud for most stuffy places, that’s cool, that’s what happy hour is for.  Chances are, though, you’re in a more lively job, allowing you to be who you are.

When not to wear it

These belts are not really considered “formal attire”, so avoid wearing it in those instances.   These belts are just loud and it will bring attention to yourself.

Aside from casual sports, such as pool or darts, these belts wouldn’t do in athletic events.

What does it go with?

These belts are really casual, so matching with jeans is so easy!  For blue relax fit and similar, light color bands (cream, white) will work as great as browns and blacks.  This goes with shoes and other accessories.  Unless your color and fashion blind, it should be really easy to go jeans and T-shirt to club wear.

Khaki’s?  You’ll have to be more discerning, as with non-casual dresses.  Look towards other belts for these, such as thin belt with the rhinestone belt buckle.

Probably one of the better choices is to mix fun and cute, and this belt will do!