Ladies Fleur De Lis Belt


Fleur De Lis means “Lily Flower” in French.  The symbol is old, associated with royalty and old money.  It also connotes tradition, as in deeply rooted tradition following centuries of state sovereignty.

The design has been semi-popular throughout time, but as of late, more and more ladies are wearing it.  It’s a great belt, that when used correctly, offers versatility to your sophisticated wardrobe.

What it says about you…

The fleur de lis is a very powerful symbol, so wear with caution.  While it can symbolize some degree of fun and being casual, it’s going to convey old royalty who represent old money living in the upscale districts in old European cities.  What these belts say about you is that you may be used to nice things.  You may drive a nice ride and you may live in some of the nicest neighborhoods in town.

Moreover, what this belt says about you is that your accomplishments may come from tradition, instead of mercantilism, or so the tradition of the symbol goes.  This means that you can easily order off of the wine menu, whatever the region the wine may be.  In terms of education, you should be able to quote from your favorite Elizabethan authors, whom you studied back in your ivy claded lecture halls.

Remember, you’re bourgeoisie, so you know, respect and own the reputation that goes with what you wear.  Your friends and company are going to inadvertently judge you, so just make sure your belt is apropos with your surroundings.

Given literally centuries of existence, the symbol has been diluted throughout time, and you may be able to get away with wearing the accessory without being part of royalty.  Still, this is opposite of the personality spectrum of the pyramid studded belts or some of the embossed belts out there.

If you’re not part of the class above, no problem, you can still wear this belt.  It lets others know that you value tradition, possibly in the western sense of the word.  While you may be fun, you are going to be more calculative.  You are going to be a bit more selective in what you do, and with whom you do it with.

When and where to wear it

We can go over the casual and semi-formal occasions for this belt, starting with spending an afternoon down at the university club.  The design you’re going to choose will most likely be subtle which match urban chique attire.  The goal is more on the conservative side and possibly clever.  Accessorizing, you’re going to want to make sure your accoutrements match or compliment.  This means an appropriate hand bag and footwear.

For evening ideas, start with your next dinner reservation in the old money part of town where it’s not too formal, though, with the right evening dress, formal restaurants may work out.  The more posh the belt, the more posh the event.  Party on a yacht?  So as long as the yacht party isn’t thrown by frat boys or professional sports clubs.  We’re talking about wine and hor d’oeuvres, not kegs and illicit substances kind of party.

For a more everyday for the rest of us type of occasion, the most common and informal version of this belt should suit most occasions.

When not to wear it

Try not to wear the more “money” looking fleur de lis belt in really casual places like neighborhood bars and grocery stores.  It can be a bit pretentious for such an occasion.  Remember, the symbol in this belt is associated with tradition and French royalty.  While strong symbols have lost its meaning over the years, the lily flower of the past retained some of its message.

If you’re looking for edge, this belt isn’t it.  So no concert venues involving long haired men with their medieval weapon looking instruments.  Though fashion always changes, the symbol rarely does.  Just watch out for size, pattern, leather style and so forth.

What does it go with?

These belts are really versatile translating in a lot of choices.  Given the belt’s societal implication, just make sure that the style of your accessories match.  This means a softer leather for your shoes, a matching trendy hand bag.  I would gather that brand isn’t as important as taste and quality.