Ladies Fashion Leopard Animal Print Belt

Elegant selections for leopard belts

Cole Haan Leopard

Leopard print can make or break your look.  The style comes and goes, and takes a new look once in a while.  For accessories, we’ve seen the print in hats, caps, and hand bags, but today, we’re going to talk all about leopard print belts!

What it says about you…

Leopard print says three things about you, and that is that you are fun, fun and really fun to hang out with!  These belts tells others that you take most things lightly, and that you’re the kind of gal that “goes with the flow” and up for anything (so as it’s fun)!  Whether you’re out with your friends, or on the go, leopard print belts make for fun accessories.

When and where to wear it

The “no brainer” time to wear leopard print belts is during the weekends.  Nothing says casual and fun during your days off.  When you’re out in the trendiest restaurants in town, a touch of print can be appropriate.  Don’t over do it, though…  Tell everyone that you have a positive vibe about you, without looking to extreme.  A simple leopard belt with a fashionable top and matching shoes will accent your attire during the day and liven things up during the night.

Wearing this type of belt during work can be tricky.  Some conservative and professional places might not appreciate the look.  However, if you work for a casual company, first observe what others are wearing.  If the norm is jeans and t-shirts, you might be fine.  Casual Fridays may be fine if the work culture is fun (group lunches, happy hour planning and so forth).

For weeknights, leopard belts can be an easy way to change the way you look, especially if you want to hint fun and cute.  You can be creative with it, just think how you want to accent another part of your attire, without broadcasting it to the world!

When not to wear it

For formal functions, you should probably stay away from this type of belt.  First of all, formal occasions usually call for gravity or some degree of seriousness.  Others might require elegance, where you might want to tone down on the levity and focus more on sophistication.

That said, here are some places where you would most likely avoid wearing feline print of many kind: funerals, weddings, church, holy ceremonies, black tie / black dress affairs, fancy night out (at the opera, symphony, art gallery, etc).  These are the obvious occasions.   Other times to possibly avoid are dinner parties, classrooms and important meetings.  However, while there are a few hard set rules, you should always apply some degree of taste.  Use that as your guide.

What does it go with?

Well, first basic rule is leopard belt, matches with matching leopard shoes.  The advantage is obviously coordination.  If you know what you’re doing, you can pull off a fun and sexy outfit without looking trashy.  Obviously, leopard boots, matching leopard belt is overkill in most non-ironic instances.  Again, you want to use the femininity of a feline print to accentuate, not dress like the cat itself!

So on the other side of the extreme spectrum is the belt with black shoes.  Drab?  A little bit, but at least you’re not insinuating that your house has wheels.  So somewhere in the middle lies tasteful shoes with a matching leopard band, or in part, leopard.  Make sure the shoes are trendy and has a hint of class (not “klass”).

One cool thing it goes with, perhaps, are otherwise drab caps with with a leopard band.  It maintains the air of fun, without going overboard.  Also tasteful leopard print bracelet that isn’t in your face.  Fashion changes, so definitely keep an eye out for trends.  One thing I don’t want to emphasize is how expensive your accessories should be.  You can pull off a really clever look having subtly as a friend.

What are some examples of the leopard belt?

Michael Kors Leopard Gold Buckle BeltOne example of a somewhat decent leopard belt is this Michael Kors Leopard Belt with a gold belt buckle.  You can pick one up on Amazon for around $60 or your local retailer for about the same price.

The print isn’t too ostentatious and should go well with black heels and other accessories.  It’s going to look so cute with your summer outfits.  The design is typical Michael Kors.  The gold colored belt is a good choice with the overall print and brown interior.  All in all, it’s nicely made with a pinch of cute!