Ladies Croco Print Belt

A sophisticated addition to your wardrobe

Croc belts, whether it be a genuine crocodile skin belt or faux-crocodile print belt, look great for women with strong aura and sense of style. These types of belts go nicely with slim cut pants or jeans and collared shirts to create a clean cut, preppy, cappuccino-colored look.

Ralph Lauren CrocoTake a look at this brown Ralph Lauren Crocodile Print belt. It's classy and looks great with just about anything that you want to wear it with. Check out this belt in Amazon.

For a western style cowgirl-like look, crocodile skin belts blend well with a checkered, collared shirt and skinny jeans with a fine leather boots. If you are not into jeans, have a sexy, rock-star look when you pair this with your rugged, ripped denim shorts. Make your Summer staple a Fall outfit by wearing this croc belt to cinch in your summer maxi dress. It emphasizes and defines your curves. Have it paired with a cognac-colored blazer and a gorgeous wedge that has the same color with the belt to get the boho-chic look.

Croc skin belts do not only look good with boots and wedges with the same shades, it also creates a fashion statement when you wear faux-crocodile skin accessories like bracelets, chokers, and leather handbags. This type of belt is already an eye-catching focal point to your overall look so its buckle is just an extra attraction to your outfit.

Where and when to wear it…

Wearing croc belts helps accent and balance your look depending on the occasion or activities you are attending to. Depending on the size of the buckle, design, and the width of the croc belts, you can determine whether it is a casual belt or dress belt. But when it comes to crocodile skin belts, most of the time, it brings the fashion statement to the max. Unlike other leather belts, this accessory is eye-catching at one glance. Wearing croc belts is good for special occasions such as business meetings and formal corporate events. However, take into consideration that it also depends on the type of footwear you are wearing.

As mentioned above, this type of belt can bring out a great fashion sense when accentuated with different accessories. For example, if you want to hang out and have a head-to-toe bohemian style, or a grungy and rocker look, wearing a crocodile belt is a cool idea.

Since this kind of belt is a perfect match for women with strong personality, croc belts may look odd and overly-fashionable when it is worn along with a conservative dress when going to church.