Slim Dressy Non-Leather Fashion Belt


You have a bunch of thin dressy leather belts already.  Now it’s time to add a little versatility to your wardrobe.  If you don’t have thin leather belts already, read our post and have some fun mixing and matching!

When and where to wear it

Unlike leather belts, these belts are going to be more for more social occasions.  This means that business settings may not be appropriate, as leather belts go really well with conservative (i.e.: black, navy, pin striped, gray, tan, khaki) pant suits and pant skirts.  So for board meetings and conventions may not be appropriate.

However, for a more formal to semi-formal dressy setting, this would work well.  However, take the material for consideration.  Don’t confuse versatility with appropriateness.  There are varying degrees in which one can express themselves, depending upon the nature of the occasion.

Let’s look at some leather alternatives

Cloth sash style.  These are great trendy belts that can accentuate your curves in formal occasions.  You have choices when it comes to the fabric.  High quality silk is a no brainer.  These are light weight that compliment dresses for that special affair.  With natural fabrics, you can go with designed sashes, such as cute pink floral that go well in the spring and with white dresses.  In social settings, you can beautifully look elegant with this choice.

High quality leather alternatives.  While leather is king, you can do a lot with other synthetic materials.  High grade fabric PVC, for example, is a good choice in terms trendiness.  Because of the material itself, you will have durability, but more importantly, the design that can go with these belts.

Metallic.  Metallic belts can range in statements.  On one level, you can appear vocal about individuality and self expression.  On the other hand, silver chain belts can show opulence without over doing it.  Design wise, there are metallic chain dressy belts, or thin metallic belts with a fine weave.  Regardless of what you go with, these belts, when used correctly, can bring out a high level of decor in what would otherwise be a boring outfit.