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A decent wardrobe should always have a slim dressy belt…  or two…  or three…  especially if your social calendar sides mostly in the semi-formal to formal.  If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to go with a simple belt, with very little design that is genuine leather.  For more trendy belts, you can go with a more posh and trendy design.

When and where to wear it

These slim and dressy belts are for (as the name implies) are for semi-formal to formal engagements where a little class and elegance is required.  On the semi-formal side of the spectrum, we’re looking at dinner that may require reservations.  These may be political fund raisers.  Thick dressy belts are perfectly fine for these occasions, but you don’t necessarily want to pull off that look.

On the side of more formal, while thicker dressy belts can be sufficient, you want to pull off an outfit in which a thin belt gives a slim and simple appearance.  In the professional setting, this would work for business conventions where pant suits or pant skirts for women is the norm.  This applies also for community award ceremonies or other such galas, be it in the day or night.

What does it go with?

When thinking about thin formal belts, I’m guessing you will be not be wearing loud or ostentatious clothing.  You will have two conservative color choices to work with, which are black and white (with a mix of navy, gray, power red, etc), with three natural belt colors of black, brown and tan.  More semi-formal affairs will give you a wider spectrum of color choices.  Your choice of jewelry will be fine gold and silver, and your accessories will match with a high degree of precision.

For pant suits, this is easy.  Thin, simple, and dressy leather belt is the easiest to match with most pant suits.  For dresses, this is a little more challenging, as a thin belt works well with a slim look.  It may not work with some dresses, so consult your local fashion professional.

If you just have the basics in terms of belts, you can go a long way.  As stated many times in this site, high quality genuine leather belts that are black, brown and tan and go a long long way.

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