Contour One Ply Top Grain Leather Belt


These belts are great casual alternatives, and as the name implies, single ply, with a coarse exterior.  There are a few variants, metal studs being a popular design choice.

What it says about you…

There’s a few things these belts say about you.  Depending upon the construction (top grain type for example), you can tell the world that you are a rugged lass.  While comfortable indoors, you are as equally in your element in the outdoors.  Do you need to ride a horse (possibly bareback) to do some cowgirl jobs?  No problem, you’ve been riding horses longer than some people have been driving.  Camping?  Pfff… you sleep under the stars for fun.

If you’re wearing this belt in an urban setting, you’re going to be a somewhere between edgy and complex.  You’re not listening to pop music everyone is listening to (and if you do, it may be a choice based on irony)… nope.  You listen to music from bands you follow or if the song is genuinely cool.  This applies to art, food, hobbies and anything that you’re into.

But whether you’re in the country or in the city, you know your way around.  If you don’t, no problem, you’re not afraid to explore.  You know that you’ll eventually get there, and if you’re a little late, who cares?  They should have given you better directions.

When and where to wear it

With all the variants you’re going to have options in the casual world.  Let’s start with the day time.  You may have an outdoors job.  The rugged form of this belt will work.  You like reliability with a touch of style.  If you’re in a creative job, these belts are cool.  Depending upon where you are, not many people may wear this belt.

Not always, but you probably have a busy social schedule.  Monday Night Football with the guys, Wednesday to hang out with the gal pals, checking out some local band on Thursdays and happy hour with the guys from purchasing on Friday.  This belt with the right outfit will work for all of these occasions.

As with you great jeans collections, this belt will be a friend to most of them.  Not limited to wear with boot cuts, boyfriend jeans and relax fit with the brown thicker variant of this belt.  Blacks  will work with your skinnies when you’re checking out that kick ass metal band.

As far as age goes, the ladies wearing this are younger, from late high school to late twenties.  Casual college settings in a college town is OK, hip and trendy restaurants and bars are good as well.

When not to wear it

These belts, given the look, is not really recommended for professional work settings, so beware!  This includes higher end sales positions as well, excluding certain retail segments.  So the general rule for work is, the more casual and outdoors, the more appropriate.  If you have questions, check out what others are wearing at work.  Again, professional settings  is not good, even casual Fridays.  This includes accounting / auditing firms, consulting gigs (non-creative) and education.

The brown variant is OK with khaki’s but not really recommended, it’s just too edgy, even the more subtle belts.  However, there are exceptions and you have to be aware of the context.  Certainly there are cute khaki skirts you can wear this with in trendy places.  However, you could very well look like Indiana Jone’s ex-girlfriend if you’re not too careful (with khaki shorts, for example).  Experiment a little with this, but not for your first time.

As with dresses, the short answer is no.  Again, experimentation.

What does it go with?

As mentioned before, these go well with denim.  Both the black and the brown go well with jeans and cute jean shorts.