Circle Studded Oil Tanned Looking Genuine Leather Belt


The circle studded oil tanned looking genuine leather belt is a semi-glossy belt with circle studs.  These can look great in brown or black and can go with most anything.  There are styles that have punctured holes that compliments the studs.

You should have at least one of these belts as part of your wardrobe because of its versatility.

What it says about you…

This is one of those belts that goes with most anything so this belt doesn’t address just one personality.  So choosing this belt won’t necessarily broadcast your personality, as you will use it to give an extra level of personality to your wardrobe if that makes any sense.

When and where to wear it

This belt is cool in that you can wear it most anytime, and in most any instance except for really formal affairs.  Starting with work, these belts come in a few varieties, but generally, you can wear this belt in most professional instances.  With conservative environments, you’ll find the subtle type suitable, just make sure it matches with the environment.  Black is appropriate for most settings, with brown on your casual days.

For creative jobs, these belts would give an extra dimension to your daily attire without making your look drab.  For this, you can wear a belt with a little more studs matched with holes.  For everything else in between, you’re covered.

Think of these belts like salt.  You most certainly want a pinch in your food.  Too much, and it will ruin your dinner.  However, there are some occasions in which you want a lot of salt (like potato chips).  In other words, be judicious.  Think of the studs as salt and go from there.  For those with a lot of plain jane belts, this style can help you start switching it up a bit.

For casual instances, you’re in luck.  You can mix and match these with your shoes where ever you go.  For fancier restaurants, you want to go with the more posh variants (less on the salt), and for casual pubs and bars, you can get away with most anything.

In terms of denims, these belts should go with all of your jeans no matter what color.  Even khaki colored or light brown or canvas jeans go well with these belts.  Also, these belts make cute short shorts pop, especially if it’s jean shorts.

For more of an aggressive look, these styles can help out, though you might want to try out belts with pyramid style studs.  Though more circle studs can give a certain edged look that is more on the subdued side.

With dresses, these belts do a good job of accentuating subtleties or what would otherwise be a plain dress.

When not to wear it

These belts cover a lot of occasions.  There are a few obvious no no’s.  Sporting events and funerals being the obvious places and events.  Other than that, you’re good to go, girl!

What does it go with?

These are versatile belts.  So, as mentioned before, these belts go with most anything not too formal.  In terms of matching this with your shoes, definitely go with leather flats or high heels, depending upon the look you want to accomplish.  You can get away with sneakers, just try to match it as close to the color as possible with super casual top like a plain T.

With purses, you also have options, especially if circle studded purses are in vogue.

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