Floral Belt Buckle or Buckles with Petals


You have a lot of plain belts already.  One of the easiest way to add a little decor is through floral belt buckles of the rhinestone variety or otherwise.  Petals, give it a touch of girly cuteness.

What it says about you…

Nothing says friendly and cute more than floral patterns.  You are a great friend and loyal to their causes (despite how crazy their causes may sound).  Your smile is so big it literally lights up the place.

When it comes to expressing yourself, you are more casual and relaxed.  After all, fun shouldn’t be so serious.  Jeans and that cute t-shirt is a must, but you can dress up once in a while.  Shorts and skirts are also great, so as long as it matches your up beat personality.

Local bars and coffee spots is a good past time, as with shopping, street fairs, festivals, concerts and the occasional sporting event.  When it comes to music, you’re most likely into the latest hot song on Youtube, but could also could have an appreciation for heavier rock bands.  If it involves dancing, it’s a definite YES!

When and where to wear it

These belt buckles are cool, especially for medium to wide belts that would normally be plain.  The easiest outfit for these belt buckles are jeans, be it darker or blue with a cute t-shirt.  These buckles can also be regional, if they are rhinestone or southwestern looking.

The buckles are also good with whatever casual skirts and short shorts you may have lying around.  The point is that you want to make a fun outfit more cute or vice versa.

These belts are not too edgy, so it may not work out with something you may wear at a metal bar.  This includes instances of irony.  It may work for semi-formal occasions, but there are better alternatives, rhinestone or otherwise.